Ragnar Cape Cod Recap

A few months ago, my friend Matt forced talked me into running Ragnar Cape Cod. I figured it’d be something different to try out (and he was so right about signing up for Goofy last year) so I agreed and registered. After registering, reality set in…what did I get myself into this time?!

ragnar cape cod 2013

Ragnar is an overnight relay race where teams can compete in two ways: Ultra Ragnar (teams of 6 members) or regular Ragnar (teams of 12). We signed up as a regular Ragnar team and competed with 2 vans of 6 runners. Runners are assigned 3 legs (for regular, ultra teams have 6) ranging in distance of 2 – 8 miles. I originally was going to run one of the higher mile distance, but when I found out I was running Nike DC the same week I switched to a lower mileage legs.

ragnar cape cod start

We started the race in Hull, MA and man was it WINDY! I was the second runner so didn’t have to run in Hull, but it did make me nervous that it would be windy like that the entire course. Fortunately the other legs were more inland so the it wasn’t as windy.

Ragnar Cape Cod Map


Before I knew it our van had arrived at the second exchange and it was almost time for me to start my first leg of 6.5 miles.

ragnar cape cod exchange 1

Leg 1 results: 6.3 miles (from my GPS) 7:55 min/mile pace

My first leg was described as hard and Ragnar really meant it. In the race book the elevation didn’t look like there were many hills…but man was it HILLY! After this leg it really hit me…what did I really sign myself up for?!

ragnar leg one done


My second leg was scheduled to be a night run so I had some time in between to have dinner and relax. Fueling between the races was a challenge for me. I was nervous that I’d either eat too much or not enough and then feel it later during my run. I ended up going with a bagel with peanut butter and banana 3 hours before each leg.

cape cod ragnar food

I’m 99% sure that was the best meal I’ve ever had.

Around 10pm we met with the 2nd van at the exchange and it was our turn again to run.

John finished his night leg then it was my turn to run. This run was the one I was most dreading – I’m clumsy enough running during the day now I was running in the dark! I told myself just to take it easy and be careful with my steps.

ragnar night run

My night leg was scheduled to be 5.7, but my GPS read it was only 4.8. During the run my van had planned to meet me at every mile, but after seeing the course (it was along a dark highway) they decided to have pacers for each runner. John was really nice and met up with me around the first mile and completed this leg with me.

Leg 2 results: 4.8 miles 9:03 min/mile pace

I was more than happy when that leg was over.

Our next legs were scheduled to be early morning runs, so after our last runner ran her leg we went to the next exchange to try to sleep. We ended up getting 45 minutes of sleep, but adrenaline kicked in and we were ready to go!

After how the first two legs went, I expected to make up my missed distance during my last leg. I was scheduled to run 4.7 miles as my last leg, but mentally prepared myself to do closer to 6.

But…nope. This leg ended up being the shortest of all with 3.1 miles…what the heck?! I was a little annoyed by this point at how different my miles were than what was listed on the course map. I also felt bad because this meant the runner after me had extra miles he didn’t originally plan for.

Leg 3 results: 3.1 miles 8:06 min/mile pace

After we finished our legs, we headed towards Provincetown to wait for our other van and get a hot meal! I was so tempted to order one of everything at this point.



At the end of the race we met up with our last runner and ran into the finish line together.

ragnar finish


Ragnar Finish

This race was simply amazing. The race was definitely challenging but it was just so much fun. I went into this race thinking this would a good thing to experience, but I never thought I’d actually want to run it again.

Now…I’m counting down the days until my next Ragnar!

Ragnar finish

QOTD: Have you ever been really surprised with a race?



  1. Glad you enjoyed your Ragnar experience! It was fun following Matt & Adam on Twitter. I’m sure logistics of this type of race can be a nightmare, so positive experiences and you wanting to run Ragnar again are huge virtual pats on the back to everyone who planned the event and your team.
    JILL recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: May Calendar ShotMy Profile

  2. Fueling is the toughest part for me with Ragnar, trying to focus on eating enough but not too much to run again is tough. Great job, glad you had fun! I love running Ragnar :) Any interest in Great River? ;) We may be a few runners short.
    Jen recently posted…Marathon Week 16!My Profile

  3. I did my first Ragnar in the Keys this January and I was totally HOOKED! We are already signed up for the Napa Valley Ragnar in September. This relays are highly addicting.
    The hardest part for me was the lack of sleep. And the corse is not always accurate.
    Haley recently posted…Juice Pulp Banana BreadMy Profile

  4. That’s amazing. Sounds like loads of fun!!!
    Kevin recently posted…Training on psuedo holdMy Profile

  5. I almost ran Ragnar, but I hurt my hip so I am glad I didn’t register (it also conflicted with Greek Easter), hopefully next year :)
    Kelly recently posted…A Tale of Two Easter’s: Part TwoMy Profile

  6. Sounds like an adventure! That pizza looks delicious.
    Suzanne recently posted…Kona Kase ReviewMy Profile

  7. Wow well done! That sounds like such a full on run especially running in the dark like that as well as running after minimal sleep!
    Jan recently posted…Marvelous in My Mondays #7My Profile

  8. YAY I was patiently waiting for a recap from one of y’all! :) Looks like you had a blast. I’ve been contemplating a Ragnar for a while but the night time running kind of freaks me out a bit. Loved your glow gear – so funny
    Christine recently posted…10 Tips for Surviving a Mud RunMy Profile

  9. The night running is what scares me the most. I am really clumsy and totally injury prone and so sure I would fall and bust it. However, I really do want to do a Ragnar!
    Abby recently posted…Diving InMy Profile

  10. Wow this sounds like it was so much fun! I’d love to do a relay race like this but unfortunately I don’t have enough friends who like running to do it. I love that you guys decided to have pacers for the night time runs – safety first! Great idea!
    Kristina recently posted…The Color Run Fort Lauderdale Race Recap!My Profile

  11. Looks like you had a similar experience to my Palmetto 200 Relay! (Minus the shortage on your miles.) That’s a huge difference in the mapped mileage versus your actual mileage. It makes me wonder if they know what happened?? i would love to do a Ragner relay!
    Maria recently posted…The @KnuckleLights #Giveaway Winner!My Profile


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