How to Run Inside Without a Treadmill

I think I’ve logged almost 100 miles on the treadmill this winter, and needless to say…I’m bored. Unfortunately there are still 34 days until spring (but who’s counting?), so I’m starting to think about ways to get creative with my running workout. Here are a few ways to run inside without a treadmill.

run inside without a treadmill


  • Run in a Stadium- When the weather starts to get cold in Minnesota (August about mid-November), the Metrodome opens up twice a week for runners and goes until spring. This is a cool way to get in the miles while staying warm (plus huge bragging rights that you ran in the Metrodome!)
  • Pool Running -My friend David introduced me to this, and it sounds like such a great way to mix up a running workout (I haven’t tried it yet). I had heard of pool running before, but always assumed it was more for if you were running with an injury. My running coach Jason wrote a great article on pool running and workouts.
  • Stairs – Yup…good, old fashioned STAIRS! Stairs are a great way to get in some incline while also adding in cardio (and possibly speed?) When I do stair workouts, I like to do them within circuits, like: 10 burpees, 10 pushups, 10 situp and 90 seconds of stairs. Repeat 3  times, with each time attempting to improve the amount of flights conquered.

QOTD: What ways do you stay in shape without the treadmill?



  1. My bike trainer has been the greatest way to cross train with running. Perfect compliment to running!

  2. Get a good pair of Yaktrax and dress warm! Nothing beats a good sub zero run (as I type this from a treadmill).

  3. I’m SOOOO excited your local, I didn’t know about the Metrodome. I’m excited for this year, but more excited for next year when I’m training for a Febuary 1/2 marathon I can only go so far on a treadmill w/o losing it…
    Amber recently posted…Running OutsideMy Profile

  4. Bike trainer has been my go-to when I haven’t run. I’ve also done some swimming and I’ve started running on the indoor track at my gym. The only problem is that 8 times around for a mile is very hard on whichever knee is on the inside.
    Bari recently posted…Bayshore Half Training: week 4My Profile

  5. Wow! I love the stair circuit idea! I might try that today!
    Cecilia recently posted…#MotivationalMondayMy Profile

  6. I had a friend who was on a business trip in Michigan and his meetings started at 8am – which was also the time that the hotel gym opened. Since there was a TON of snow he and a couple other people did laps around the floors and up and down the stairs. Pretty crazy! When I was in Taiwan we were stuck inside because of a Typhoon and we did stair laps and lots of jumping jacks.
    Kayla recently posted…Down Time: Marathon MondayMy Profile

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