Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Recap

This is the final part in my Dumbo Double Dare Recap series. Check out parts one, two and three!

Ever since missing my corral start during the Disney World Half I’ve made it a point to give myself even more time in the morning to get to the start. I woke up at 3am race morning, and grabbed a small breakfast at the hotel. By 4:30 I was ready to go and started to head over to my corral. Originally I was planning to head to the Team #runDisney meetup that morning, but that unfortunately was cut short before I got there. Next time!


I made it to my corral on time and realized this morning I had forgotten my GPS watch. I did have a few extra minutes and thought about running back to the hotel to get it, but that would’ve been risky. I decided this would be a good way to make myself pace myself based on how I felt, and could make the race less stressful than focusing on pace. Looking back, I’m glad I did this.

The  first few miles of the race I took slower than usual (I think I saw about 9 min/mile). If you’re planning on running a runDisney race for time, make sure to be at the very front of the corral. I started out towards the middle of the first corral and it was already starting to get a bit crowded – not to the point we were all walking, just more of a slower run. During distance races I like to start races like this because all too often I’ll start out a race way too fast and burn out a few miles later.

A few miles in I found a comfortable pace and continued on. I’ve been having hamstring pain lately and have tried to be easy on my running by mixing up walking and running, but found myself feeling good (who wouldn’t feel good running through Dinseyland?!) this race and ran straight through to mile 7. Mile 7 brought us outside of the parks and I decided to start up a run/walk until mile 8. Mile 8 – 10 I picked up running again and got to run through my favorite part of the race: Angel Stadium!

angels stadium

After Angel Stadium there were only 3.1 miles left and it was starting to get HOT! Thankfully there were still a few more water stops along the way to keep hydrated, and before I knew it I was entering back into Disneyland and crossing the finish line. I had completed the Disneyland Half and earned my first Dumbo Double Dare and Coast to Coast medal!

disneyland half finish

..and of course I had to bring my medals in the parks later on that day!

disneyland finish

Overall, this weekend was amazing. Sure there were a few hiccups, but that’s to be expected during the inaugural year of a race. I’m hoping that next year runDisney will add on a day or two to the expo to help with the crowds and move the 5K and 10K a bit further apart. Other than those two hiccups, runDisney did a great job with the race and I can’t wait to run it again!

disneyland medal

Time: 2:13:12

Division: 195/1,913 Female: 1,008/10,018 Overall: 2,625/15,872



  1. Wow! Congratulations! I just looked into details of RUNDisney at the Air Force Marathon Expo awhileago! I wanna register to this and do the coast to coast! I love the medals!!! and it Looks sooo much fun!
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  1. […] a special place in my heart! I originally signed up for this race when I had just registered for my first half marathon and needed a 10K time for my corral placement. This is actually the largest 10K in Minnesota […]

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