Weekend Recap and Solidcore Review

This weekend I got to try a new workout in Minneapolis: Solidcore. I’ve been hearing about Solidcore from my friends on the East Coast and was excited to see that a studio was opening in Minneapolis.

solidcore review

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Marathon Envy

With TC 10 Mile over I’m starting to think of what to add to the calendar next. TC 10 mile ended up being an amazing race for me and I loved how strong I finished…which is starting to make me think maybe I should run a marathon again.

And seeing all the fun races happening right now (Chicago, Nike, etc.) isn’t helping.

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TC 10 Mile Recap and Giveaway Winner

This past weekend was a huge weekend for me as it marked my return to distance running! I was happy with how my training went but was really nervous about the race itself – this was the first time I’d be running this course and wasn’t too familiar and it was the longest I’ve run in a few months. I had heard it’d be hilly…but didn’t really know what to expect, especially with a few last minute course changes.

10 mile bib

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TC 10 Mile Training and EatSmart Scale Giveaway

I feel like I just started training for the TC 10 Mile and it’s already almost race day. Last weekend I ran my first 10K this year and was really happy with my pacing and results – even though I did get lost and turned the 10K into a 7 mile run. I was happy I was able to maintain an 8:12 pace through it all and felt strong when I finished. It’s nice to be looking forward to long runs again and to be excited about the race coming up – I’m not sure if I’ll do any distance races next year yet, but the TC 10 Mile training has been a welcomed change.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week I’ve been busy with trying to finish up my 6 month long home improvement project..but thankfully I think the end is near! I’m hoping to have it all completed by the end of the Summer – fingers crossed. But while I’ve been doing that I’ve come across a few new things I’m obsessed with:

friday favorites

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