runDisney Princess Half Marathon Registration

Today’s the day many runners have been waiting for: runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon registration opens!


The Princess Half Marathon Weekend has a variety of races including:

-Glass Slipper Challenge (1/2 Marathon and 10K) – $295

-Princess Half Marathon – $170

-Enchanted 10K – $105

- 5K Family Fun Run – $60

runDisney races have been selling out super fast lately so if you’re thinking about registering you should do that sooner than later – the Glass Slipper Challenge is almost guaranteed to sell out same day. Crazy!

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Workout Recap and Pure Via Winner

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know I’ve become pretty obsessed with the Orangetheory workout. I started Orangetheory a few months ago as cross training and it’s quickly become my go-to workout. Orangetheory is an hour long HIIT small-group class – for about 1/2 of the class you’re on a treadmill doing different incline and sprint workouts, and 1/2 the class is strength training. The entire time a trainer is guiding you through the workout and telling you what to do. During the workouts you wear a Polar heart rate monitor and the goal of the class is to reach your “Orange zone” for a certain amount of time, 84%-90% of your maximum heart rate zone – this is all based on your gender, age and weight.

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Pure Via Review and Giveaway

Is it seriously already July?! June completely flew by for me as I (finally) graduated from my masters program and went on vacation.
As I’ve been trying to eat healthier I’ve done a lot of research on the sweeteners and trying to eliminate artificial ones. During my research I came across Pure Via, a zero-calorie sweetener naturally sweetened with stevia.

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Chocolate 5K Recap

Good morning! I’m taking a much-needed vacation this week and am traveling to Michigan! I’m really excited because last week I completed my last course for my MBA and am now officially done – not going to lie though, it’s feeling a little weird not to have any homework or tests to do.I’m sure I’ll get over that pretty quickly.

Last weekend I was invited to run in a new MN race, the Chocolate 5K by NR Racing. The Chocolate 5K has races across the US and this year they added one in Minneapolis to benefit The race was originally set to be run at Lake Harriet, but due to a permit issue they moved it right outside of Minneapolis to St. Louis Park. I was pretty excited about this change because it moved it to a park near me and I had been looking for a good 5K route to add into my training, so this was a perfect way for me to get an idea of a new training course.


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Workout Recap and Chocolate 5K

Last week was a great gym week. I usually go Orangetheory, a HIIT workout class 3-4x a month but this month they started a new marathon challenge so I was extra-motivated. Throughout the month the goal is to run at least 26.2 miles  and at the end the person with the highest mileage will get a new pair of running sneakers. This isn’t super easy to accomplish because Orangetheory is set up where you run 25 minutes on the treadmill at different speeds (a base pace, a push pace and an all-out sprint) and then do rowing/weight lifting for the remainder of class.

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